Know Which Airlines Fly to The Maximum Countries: Here’s the List

Know Which Airlines Fly to The Maximum Countries: Here’s the List

Every business runs on its reach and availability to the target audience. So does the same apply to the airline companies also? In today’s world, the scenario has changed so drastically that the interest has now been shifting from company-centric to customer-centric. That’s what airline companies also do.

There are Many Factors on Which the Success of any Airline Company Depends:

  • In-flight meals and services;
  • Easy & convenient check-in, boarding and departure process;
  • Better seat allocation and arrangement;
  • Complimentary services;

In addition to these services, the outreach of the airline also matters the most. In the last 2-3 years, there was a certain shift been observed in the airline industry. The parameter defined to measure how big the airline is set as the number of aero planes carry the number of passengers to the number of destinations. The amazing fact is that some big airlines do not fly to a large number of destinations.

Top 10 Airlines that Fly to Most of the Destinations

There are 198 countries in the world and it is hard to guess which airline has reached maximum countries so far. Let’s find out the top 10 airlines that fly to most of the destinations:

  1. Turkish Airline: Flies to over 121 countries: Out of 198 countries of the world, Turkish Airline flies to over 121 countries. An impressive percentage. Turkish Airlines carry more than 60 million passengers to their dream destinations every year with its amazing fleet size of 300 aero planes.
  2. Lufthansa Airline: Currently serving 105 countries: It holds number 2 position in the category by leaving behind all its European competitors. However, it may be taken unfair as the comparison lies between Swiss Air, Eurowings, Austrian Air and Brussels Air in the list. Alone in 2018, Lufthansa Airlines carried more than 142 million passengers
  3. Air France: Reach to more than 85 countries: The airline holds a 3rd position in the category. Air France is the founding member of Sky Team Airline Alliance. It reaches to more than 200 destinations in 85 countries. It operates Boeing and Airbus on long-haul routes. It has very vast routes and expanded operations that it uses the main airport and all its hubs of Paris.
  4. Qatar Airways: Available to more than 83 countries: The Company became operational in 1993 and has become the world’s 5-star airline. It operates from Doha’s Hamid International Airport. It recently became the part of Oneworld Alliance which gives easy accessibility to all the passengers throughout the globe.
  5. Emirates Airlines: Flies to more than 77 countries: The airline originated in Dubai. It is surrounded by Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. It is the 10th busiest airport in the world. Emirates Airlines is known for providing a wide choice over entertainment, luxurious in-flight experience, delicious foods and other services.
  6. British Airways: Currently serving to 75 countries: British Airways, from its hub at London, connects to more than 75 countries around the globe. British Airways still holds great power and influence in the continent with its services and reach. Heathrow Airport, London, from where the airline is operational, comes under the top 5 busiest airports in the world. British Airways exclusively uses newly built terminal 5 for commutation.
  7. United Airlines: Routes to 73 countries: In 2013, United Airlines merged with US Airways. This merger makes United Airlines the largest airline in the world. It, being the part of Star Alliance, the airline has all the authorities to travel to any country around the world. After its merger with the Continental Airline; Newark Liberty International, Houston International and Chicago O’Hare are new hubs of United Airlines.
  8. Egyptair: flying to over 66 countries: Egyptair gets an advantage because of the location of Egypt with respect to Europe, Asia and Africa. The airline is operational from its hub Cairo, from where it operates to most of the destinations around the world.
  9. KLM Airlines: Currently serving 66 countries: It is the oldest airline in the world and was founded in October 1919. Headquartered at Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands. No extra booking fee is charged while booking your travel with KLM Airlines. The meals provided on-board are religious meals, children’s meals, medical, and vegetarian meals. It has 4 classes so you can choose according to your requirement while booking your reservations.
  10. Aeroflot: Flies to 52 countries: Aeroflot was started in July 1923 and headquartered in Moscow, Russia. It is the largest flag carrier airline of Russian federation. Its fleet size is more than 200 and provides its services over 140 destinations all around the world. The hub is situated at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Its frequent flyer program is named as Aeroflot Bonus that includes 3 levels regular, silver and gold.

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