How to Send a Rose Text Message in Phone

How to Send a Rose Text Message in Phone

Text messaging is quickly displacing traditional phone calls. You can accomplish more things with texting as you adjust and become more familiar with its operation. Here is another unique and exciting design to try out in text message. Rather than sharing photographs or videos, you can create a romantic or beautiful text by creating a personalized rose using symbols on your phone.

Steps to Send a Rose Text Message

Step 1: To make a rose, go to your message inbox or wherever you want to make one.

Step 2: Choose the direction you want the rose to move. It may be easier to discern if it’s a rose if the tip is to the right, but both methods work.

Step 3: Now, type precisely these symbols without any space between them. –<–<–@

Step 4: If you want to reverse the rose, type all the symbols in reverse order. @–>–>–

Creating symbols in text messages is unique and fun, do try out these designs with your friends and let them guess about it.

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