How to Rotate the Text on a PDF File?

How to Rotate the Text on a PDF File?

Many times, we’ve had to deal with the issue of rotation view in pdfs and documents. We frequently receive or distribute pdf files that are in landscape mode or at a 90-degree angle. It becomes difficult to view the document in landscape mode or to share it with others. These seemingly insignificant details can lead to a slew of issues. We’ve come up with a solution for you right here.

Steps to Rotate the Text on a PDF File

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and search Adobe Reader.

Step 2: Click on the adobe reader website (probably the first one appearing).

Step 3: Once the website is open, click on ‘download Adobe Acrobat Reader’.

Step 4: Install the adobe reader, once it is downloaded.

Step 5: Now, open the pdf document in Adobe Reader. (you can skip the above steps if you already have an Adobe reader.)

Step 6: Click on ‘view’ in the menu option and then on ‘rotate view’.

Step 7: Now you can rotate the pdf accordingly.

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