How to Open/Access Disk Utility on Mac OS

How to Open/Access Disk Utility on Mac OS

Drive Utility is a hard disk program included with the Mac operating system. The software has several hard drive management features, such as the ability to partition and format fresh hard drives and burn disk images on CD/DVD. Despite the fact that the application is used to manage a critical hardware component, it is not available in the system settings. Disk Utility, on the other hand, is hidden in your Mac’s programs folder.

The Drive utility allows users to perform many activities, and it is a program that allows you to perform actions on your computer’s disk, such as disk partitioning and logical volume management, as well as a variety of other chores such as altering drive letters and other mount locations, renaming volumes, disk checking, and disk formatting, that would otherwise be handled separately by a slew of other pre-installed commands Each operating system (OS) includes a simple disk tool as well as applications for detecting and changing various OS filesystems. There are three sorts of disk utilities: disk checks, disk cleaners, and disk space analyzers.

Steps to Open/Access Disk Utility on Mac (OS)

Follow the below mention steps to open or access disk utility on Mac Operating System:

Opening Disk Utility from Spotlight

Step 1: First of all Click on Spotlight icon showing on menu bar

Step 2: In search box type Disk Utility

Step 3: Just Click on Disk Utility

Open Disk Utility from Applications

Step 1: Go on Dock and Click on Finder icon

Step 2: Click to Applications on left panel of the Finder window, Available above the user home folder.

Step 3: After Click on Application window, scroll down and click on Utilities.

Step 4: Here you can find the Disk Utility” option.

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