How to Open a PYM File: With 3 Easy Steps

How to Open a PYM File: With 3 Easy Steps

PYM is a macro preprocessor. The PYM file contains the macros shortcuts that are python scripts. They are defined in between the #begin python and #end python. The macro file is used by the PYM and the macro preprocessor is python based. The shortcuts are expanded to replace the full text in the python interpreter’s preprocessing stage. In the programming language, the PYM files are the developer’s tool for the shorthand. Open the PYM file if you require suitable software. You can also open it in the browser by drag and drop the file in the browser. To open it in a different application, right-clicking on file then select the Open with option. Further, choose the application.

Steps to open a PYM File

Step 1: First of all, Select the PYM File and right-click to open the “File” context menu.

Step 2: When you open the File then choose the “Open with” option. System Showing A Window of installed programs opens.

Step 3: Choose the “Notepad” and open the PYM file in text editor.

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