How to Activate and Use QuickBooks Direct Deposit?

How to Activate and Use QuickBooks Direct Deposit?

Who does not want to save time? QuickBooks accounting systems are enriched with amazing time-saving features. Direct Deposit is one of them. It allows the users with quick payments without the need for troublesome methods like writing checks. Fortunately, there is a simple method to Activate the QuickBooks Direct deposit features to process the employee’s payment. The below write-up contains the solution of how to activate and use QuickBooks Direct Deposit step-wise.

How to Activate the QuickBooks Direct Deposit?

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Select Employees option.
  • Choose Employee Center to open the employee list.
  • Now give a double click on the name of the employee you need to set up the direct deposit.
  • Select the tab named Payment info.
  • You have to click on the direct deposit.
  • Below the button which says Direct Deposit, click on use Direct Deposit for the chosen employee’s name.
  • There would be given an optional choice to deposit paycheck for multiple accounts.
  • Next, fill in the Employees bank details including Bank name, Routing no, Account no, and account type.
  • In case you select depositing to multiple accounts then write the percentage or account that the employee needs to Deposit to the parent account in the field named Amount to deposit.
  • The remaining account would be deposited in another account.
  • Hit OK button.
  • Now for any further help, you can place a check-mark under user direct deposit on the QuickBooks.
  • Confirm the same that you entered the right direct deposit information.
  • Now save the changes.

May I Change the Employee Direct Deposit information?

  • Click on the Paycheck option.
  • It will display paycheck detail window.
  • Now scroll down the window and then unselect the option named use Direct Deposit on the paycheck detail.
  • Click Save.
  • Now choose Save & Close button.
  • Next again tab the paycheck.
  • Click on the option labeled Direct Deposit.
  • Hit the Save button to confirm.

How to Remove the Direct Deposit in QuickBooks?

In case you do not need to use the direct deposit for a particular employee then follow the below instructions:

  • Select Employees option.
  • Click on the Employee center to display the employee list.
  • Now double click on the respective employee name whose profile you need to edit.
  • Click on the tab named payroll info.
  • Choose the button named Direct deposit.
  • Hit on the clear field use direct deposit for the chosen employee.

Check a Test Transaction Direct Deposit:

Once you are done with the initial setup process then the next thing is to verify the direct deposit test transactions. Follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Choose Payroll Settings.
  • Below the Payroll, option give a click on Direct Deposit.
  • Choose the tab named verify test transaction.
  • Fill the test transaction amount in both fields.
  • Hit OK.

Changing PIN to Process Direct Deposit:

  • Firstly login to QuickBooks with admin credentials.
  • Choose Employee option.
  • Click Send Payroll Data.
  • It will display a window named Send/Receive payroll Data.
  • Click Send button.
  • Now choose to forget your PIN on the Payroll Service PIN page.
  • Write the Admin password in the password box.
  • Hit OK.
  • Write a new PIN.
  • Click Submit.

Here the article came to an end. Hopefully, the information guide is helpful to activate and use the QuickBooks Direct deposit option. Use Dancing Numbers Importer for make your importing process easy.

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