How to add a New Employee in Company Payroll in Sage 50?

How to add a New Employee in Company Payroll in Sage 50?

Sage 50 is the most popular accounting software also known as Peachtree accounting specially designed for a small and medium sized businesses. It is very user friendly because it provides flexible features using which you can easily manage taxes, inventory and stock, cash flow and invoicing. In this article we will learn how to add a New Employee in Company Payroll in Sage 50 briefly.

Steps to Add Employee in Company Payroll in Sage 50

Adding a new employee in company is a very easy task in Sage 50. For this you need to follow given below steps.

  • First navigate to the employee and payroll navigation tab then from listed options you need to tap on the employee’s icon.
  • Then use the drop-down list and choose the new employee option.
  • Once done, it will open the maintain employees and sales reps tab. Now you need to input the details of a new employer into sage 50.
  • Initially in the employees ID field, you need to input the short identification code for the new employee.
  • After that you need to input the name of the employee that you want to set up or add.
  • Thereafter choose the employees type. If in case you are completing the sage 50 practice set then you need to choose employees because the employee’s data is related to those peoples who are working as employees.
  • Now from the general tab, you need to input details about that employees (name, emergency contact details, address of the employee, age, and much more) into the appropriate field.
  • From additional info tab you can enter the details such as emergency contact, demographic information and employment details of the employee.
  • From pay info tab you can easily specify whether the employer receives salary or wages. You can also use this tab to input details about the pay rates and frequency of pay.
  • From withholding info tab, you can keep recalled about amounts that withheld from the employees pay.
  • Vacation/sick time tab, this dev will keep record of vacation and sick time policies for the employee.
  • Employee fields tab, this tab helps you eat the record of the withholding taxes and deductions that set for that particular employee.
  • From company fields tab, using this tab you can easily track details of employer payroll taxes and contributions that the business is required to pay for the employee.
  • Once you have completed all the above mentioned steps then you need to click on the save icon to proceed further.

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