How to Repair Credit Score, Is It Possible Ever?

How to Repair Credit Score, Is It Possible Ever?

Repairing credit Score is not a simple path. Getting a loan even on having bad credit is possible, but there is a need to raise the credit score. It means you must understand how to Repair Credit Score.

Getting a slight increase helps your credit score and even a small raise lifts you from ‘poor’ category to ‘fair.’ This brings a huge difference in the interest rate and the loan terms. You will save a lot of money over the loan life.

Important Steps to Repair Credit Score

Here are a few steps that will help you to know how to Repair Credit Score. Bad credit is a temporary situation and not some life sentence. Consider these steps to avail more loans:

Step 1: Comprehend Your Credit Report

Comprehend your credit report. The first step is to get a free credit report., if you have not done so yet. This will allow you to verify there are no errors or fraud activity that is hurting your credit score. Use this option and fix them fast, so that you raise the score numbers.

Step 2: Pay on Time and Make more Payments

Pay on time and make more payments. Late payments are the victims resulting in bad credit. Without fail set auto-pay feature to your bills to make sure you do not miss bills payment. Besides, make smaller payments to help your credit score. This will show you are not using the available credit in full and it is a good sign to increase your credit score.

Step 3: Resist Closing Accounts

Resist closing accounts. Keep credits that you do not use as it promotes good score. Having an account active is possible by paying time to time a small bill. Lengthen your credit score by keeping the account open and promote your score.

Step 4: Use Credit-building Tools

Use credit-building tools. You can be a responsible person by making monthly payments on time and this helps in building credit history. Ask someone having good credit to become a co-signer for you to avail credit loans.

Step 5: Reduce Credit Inquiries

Reduce credit inquiries. Applying for several loan products or credit cards means, your credit is pulled down. The credit score gets influenced. However, be judicious to understand how a company is often running your credit.

Step 6: Do not use all the Credit Available

Do not use all the credit available. Your credit utilization should be less than 30% and your outstanding balance should be steady to have the credit ratio maintained.

Step 7: Ask for Re-Aging

Ask for re-aging. Did you notice delinquencies on credit card? Ask the issuer to re-age your account. This facility of re-aging is available for people who make payments on-time for three months at least. Bear in mind, there is a set time to collect the debts from the time collectors.


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