What Are the Advantages Of 3D Modeling For Engineer And Architectural Services

The popularity of 3D modeling for engineers and architects persists to grow for those who wish to “see” a finished structure, product or part during the design process. Still, a lot of engineers and architects who use it would be hard-pressed to hard-pressed to outline all the benefits of 3D modeling, including those beyond the design stages. 

While improved overall design may be the biggest benefit of 3D modeling, it is critical to consider its other auxiliary advantages as well. 

Design efficiency – Simply said, 3D modeling aids in decreasing the time & money required for design. 3D architectural model maker software lets every component of a product or structure to be checked, tested and reviewed prior to going into production. This aids to avoid costly returns to the “drawing board”. Simply the capability to see an object from any angle can disclose problems that no drawing or 2D design ever could. 

More accuracy and control – Even before design starts, 3D scanning & modeling can be used to produce accurate virtual sites and spaces. It means 3D designs can be implemented with absolute confidence that problems relating to parts fitting and working together will be lessened. 

Faster to market – As engineering techniques and tools develops and are available more widely, a good idea does not stay in your head or on paper for long. From structural engineering to product design, you don’t have the luxury of time that was once accessible to continue to perfect the part or product. 3D modeling usually results in a finished, market-ready product sooner. 

Keep stakeholders in the loop – Architects and engineers are not only ones who benefit from seeing an object while it is still in the design phases. Customers, investors and other shareholders can be relieved and encouraged by seeing a ‘working model’ before it goes into production. Archetype3D architectural model makers are industry leaders in quality, prompt delivery, and customer satisfaction. At Archetype3D, we use your plans, your colors, your details, and we guide you through the myriad of techniques to arrive at the best possible marketing tool. If your architectural scale model needs special effects, we can provide the needed expert solutions. Contact us on 303.449.0878!


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